Special cutting Carp

Carp (Head off, Gutting and tail off). The fish is cut across the belly between the pectoral fins from the beginning of the belly to anus, head, scales, humerus, insides, roe and black membrane removed; blood clots and kidneys are trimmed, fins, except for the caudal, are cut off at the level of the skin integument; caudal fin and part of caudal stem removed by direct cut at a distance of 1-2 cm from the base of the middle rays of the caudal fin. Glazing is not more than 5%.


Area of catch: Volga-Caspian basin
Expiration date: 10 months ata temperature from-18°C.
Type of cutting: Special cutting (carcass).
Packing: plastic package +box
Freezing: Shock frozen at temperature of-32°C.
Production time: from 7 to 14 days.
Production: HACCP international system
GOST 17660-97
Season: Summer / Autumn

Minimum batch: 100 kg