Special cutting Wels Catfish
The Special Cutting (Head off, Gutting and tail off ofthe Wels Catfish, thathas ahead with humeral bones, entrails, including roe and blackmembrane, are removed; thethin abdominal partis cut ina straight line from the head section andthen the anus: the caudalfinis removed together with the tai part atadistance of no more than 3cm from the base of his middle ays; blood clots and kidneys are trimmed, Glazing isnot morethan5%.


Areaofcatch:Volga-Caspian basin
Expiration date: from 8to 10months ata temperature from-18°C. Typeof cutting: Filet, special cutting (carcass), gutted with head, guttedwithout head.
Packing: plastic package +box
Freezing: Shock frozen at temperature of-32°C.
Production time: from 7o 14 days.
Production: HACCP international system
GOST 3948-2016, GOST17660-97, GOST 32866-2013
Season: Spring/ Autumn

Minimum batch: 100 kg