Common Carp fillet with skin is processed at the enterprise in accordance with the international HACCP system and
in accordance with GOST 3948-2016; the fish is cut into two longitudinal parts, in which the head, vertebral, shoulder
and large rib bones, fins, insides, including roe and also black membrane are removed (if available). Glazing is not
more than 5%.


Area of catch: Volga-Caspian basin
Expiration date: 8 months ata temperature from-18° C.
Type ofcutting: Fillet, special cutting (HGT).
Packing: plastic package + box
Freezing: Shock frozen at temperature of -32°C.
Production time: from 7 to 14 days.
Production: HACCP international system
GOST 3948-2016, GOST 17660-97
Season: Spring / Autumn

Minimum batch: 100 kg